Shock Track And Pigeons

When you have pigeons landing on your roof you will want to get them away. Pigeons are dirty and can cause disease, so you would be justified to use spikes as a control method for pigeons but not everyone will want to use spikes because they do not add a good look to the home. Fortunately technology has advanced and spikes are no longer the solution. You could also read up on shock track and pigeons. What is so different about a shock track? For starters some models are so small they are almost invisible. That can be a huge advantage for homeowners and businesses that have a pigeon problem.

The way shock track and pigeons interact is that when a pigeon steps on it they will get a little zap. The zap is a conditioning zap and not a lethal way to eliminate pigeons. The bird will not like the zap and will therefore be less likely to keep landing in a location. And because the models are almost flat, people may not even notice they are there unless you point it out to them. A proper installation can make the shock track look as if it is part of the design. You can install these tracks on roofs, fences and even on signs.

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